IZAKAYA? Japanese food culture


let me introduce Japanese food culture.



Have you ever been to Izakaya? Do you know what Izakaya is?


Izakaya is…

a Japanese style pub.




a Japanese style pub


居 = to stay

酒 = alcohol, Sake

屋 = shop


You can have plenty of beer and sake, and also a wide selection of a casual meal like Yakitori, Sashimi, and grilled fish!


In fact, I have never been to Izakaya because I’m still under-aged in Japan. I want to go there soon with my friends~~! But, you can go there if you don’t drink alcohol or sake.


The dishes are generally small and inexpensive.


You will given a hot towel when you sit

on. This is an Oshibori which is offered to each customer to clean their hands before eating.



1. Do you know what Izakaya is?

2. Do you want to go there?

3. Do you like drinking with your friends?



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