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Today, I would like to introduce this week’s hit chart in Finland.


I found a site called “Shazam.” When you want to know the song which is playing, it is so useful because you can know the title if you move your iPhone to speaker.


According to this site, we can get information about Finland’s hit chart.

♔Top 10♔


Next, 11th~50th!


There are famous artists who are not Finns. I thought that Finns liked Western music.

I was surprised that BTS was ranked on 18th. This group is from South Korea, so I assumed that Finns don’t listen to Asian songs.

How about Japan? We listen a lot of kind of foreign country’s music. I like all music, for example, J-pop, K-pop and Western music.



1. Do you like listening to music?

2.How about your country? In the country you chose, are there many foreigners in hit chart?

3.What genre of music do you like?


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